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Bab 5 Request...
mage_girl wrote in babylon5icons
I LOVE this community and you are all so talented.

I have a request.

I would love it if someone could make up the Mood icons with Bab 5 scenes.  I'd leave it up to you but to have the major players (and not so major) used would be way awesome.

Also, a friends only banner??

If this can be done, that would be wonderful.

I'd be more than happy to give credit to whomever does this on my journal.

Thanks a lot!


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OH my gosh!!!

That would be...beyond awesome.

How could you send them to me??

And THANK you!


Sorry it took so long.... I slipped into a work induced coma...

A few seem to be missing.... slipped beyond the rim, I suppose, If I locate them, I'll send 'em on.

You are WAY talented....I am going to have too much fun mucking around with this...heh heh...

And if you DO find those missing ones...send them my way...

Thank you!


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