First post here!
 For my first post here, I come bearing three icons - one Suan Ivanova, one Marcus Cole, and one Suan/Marcus. GUESS who my favourite characters are? :P

This is my very first forage into icon-making, so I'm nervous! But I hope y'all like 'em!

Babylon 5 Fonts - Updated Resource
Babylon 5 Horror

Thought you'd like to know of a few links I've found.

There's a famous spaceships font here by Iconian Fonts. It includes the Babylon 5 Station.

There is a Babylon 5 symbols font here and other one (amongst others) here.

Finally, there are some Babylon 5 alien symbol fonts here and here.

G'Kar Writting, which episode????
B5: G'Kar Dear journal

Can someone tell me which episode my G'Kar writting icon is in as I completely forgot where i grabbed the image from and need it again for something.

babylon5icons x babylon5 x babylon5contest

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Babylon 5 "The Lost Tales" (8 icons)
Bee: Shadow

Just a few i did today, i havent done any icons for a VERY long time so please forgive

Babylon 5 Film: "The Lost Tales"

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More icons @
Babylon 5, Matrix, Bullet Proof Monk, BadBoys 1 & 2, Blade 1 & 2, Star Wars 1
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Just started this journal and will be needing icons. Haven't had the time to make any. Anyone want to take a shot at it based on my username?

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This is a longshot, and I am sorry if it annoys anyone that I am asking here I am just becoming desperate.

A year plus ago I saw an icon. It was animated. There was Bester, Lyta and Talia. It is 3 or 4 frames. The quote is something like "The core is mother, the core is father, trust the core" and "they do something something and leave you with nothing."

Any ideas?

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sara of the woods
I just started playing around with icons in Photoshop, so this is my first batch to share.

10 Babylon 5, 3 Firefly, 4 I <3 Huckabees, 9 karate, and 4 random.

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Please credit and comment if you take. I'd love to know what people think of these. :-)


Some B5 Icons
Kosh, Encounter Suit, Babylon 5
Howdy. New to this lil community, but after a lil recent love of B5 and icon creation, I thought Id post some of my work here (although it could probably do with alot more work, as they are no where near the same level as some of the other stuff here).

I made a fair few duplicates after playing with some effects in PS, but Ill just stick to those ones unless the non effected ones are requested.

Feel free to take any you see fit. Credit will be greatly appreciated.

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20 Babylon 5 Icons, made from screen captures from the first season. Credit is nice but not necessary, commenting I appriciate if you take some.

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B5 Icons
SW | Leia RotJ |
My first time posting here so I'm hoping I don't mess this up. :D I've been making icons for about a month now and I'm trying my best but you guys are so good I'm kinda scared to post these. And most of them are all about Delenn because I love her, I love all the characters but Delenn is my favorite.Anyway, I don't know how to make a lj cut that goes directly to my journal I'm going to try but if anyone could let me know how to do that I would appreciate it. Thanks. I have no clue about HTML so you might want to dumb it down, really dumb it down. :D

(But in purple...I am stunning!)


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